My work can incorporate video, writing, technology, sound, fabric, site, performance. Through my work I explore personal, corporeal connections with – and through – technologies that are embedded in many of our lives. I am thinking about implications media technology has on the sense of self and how this can impact our encounters with others.

I am trying to better understand bodiesandminds and some of the ways our lived experiences and interconnectivity with others in the world mean that we are in continual processes of becoming. I hope that focussing on bodies in the world gives the potential to use feminist work to be alert to continuing inequalities and oppressions.

Recent work developed from the notion of trace-bodies¹, which we construct from data then shed during our routine uses of new media technology. When viewed in the context of mass state and corporate surveillance our ‘trace-bodies’ raise complex questions for individual privacy as a human right.

To explore these ideas I have been making ‘garments’ that connect a body and a mobile phone to record video from different perspectives: wrist, ankle, gusset, waist, breathing. The camera becomes connected to a body, capturing traces of its movement. A body acts as a lens, its rhythm embedded in the video. The video is abstract but figurative; movements are cropped by the closeness of the recording to produce a space of, and between, absence and presence. The installations of the videos alongside the ‘garments’ become an attempt to interweave conscious understandings of intimacy, relationships with media technology, embodied experiences, and issues of subjectivity when experiencing an exhibition.


¹ Sun-ha Hong, Presence, or the sense of being-there and being-with in the new media society, 2015