I am trying to better understand a body or bodyandmind, which is at once permeable and in process. I am also exploring the notion of ‘trace-bodies’, constructed and shed through the contemporary use of new media.

My focus is making video/audio installations and sculptural objects and I incorporate video, text, technology, sounds, fabric, site, performance.

I have been making lycra ‘garments’ to connect a mobile phone to a body to record from these different perspectives: wrist, gusset, waist, ankle, breathing. The camera becomes connected to a body, capturing traces of its movement. A body acts as a lens, its rhythm embedded in the video.

The video is abstract but figurative; movements are cropped by the closeness of the recording to give a space of and between absence and presence.

Both video and other objects become part of an installation for a viewer to enter with their interweaving mind, body, and subjectivity.