rttr (responding to those readings)

rttr (responding to those readings)

rttr is a collaborative research project by Saira Edwards, Olivia Jones, and Emma Helen Reid.
Common ground within our work includes the absence and presence of women’s bodies. We wanted to question some of the readings our work has had, which we thought were reductive and binary because of stereotypical gazes.
In summer 2017 we had a group discussion with Annie Crabtree, Niamh Forbes, and Hannah Moitt. We came up with, and shared, suggestions and strategies for how we can deal with readings of our work we find problematic; to be able to assert ourselves and contextualise our own work.
What are our individual or collective responsibilities and aims? What could we (individually or collectively) dismiss?
The zine from the project can be seen here:
responding to those readings, cover pageLink to zine