RSA New Contemporaries 2013

RSANC install viewers

RSA New Contemporaries, Edinburgh, 12th April 2013 – 8th May 2013
Work installed:
face   dimensions: 25cm x 25 cm x 125cm for main structure, plus variable distance to periphery camera  materials: MDF, monitor (screen approx. 13cm) two live feed cameras
eye    dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 100cm   materials: MDF, timber, plaster, mobile phone   duration: 9 secs, looped
step  dimensions: 20cm x 40cm x 30cm   materials: MDF, monitor (screen approx.13cm), one live feed camera
hole   dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 5cm   materials: mobile phone, hole diameter approx 3.5cm
Three pieces of work (face, eye, and step) were installed in one gallery space in a cluster.

A gallery space. Two white plinths are on the floor, a couple of metres apart. On the left, a woman is leaning over and looking into the smaller of the two plinths. On the right, a man in pointing into the taller plinth.

The final work was installed in the adjacent room beneath/through the floorboards. The short video loop had been recorded within the RSA in one of the downstairs gallery spaces.

A gallery space with wooden floors. A man crouches down to look into a small hole in the floor.

Close up. Wooden floor with a small hole in it. Through the hole a little screen can be seen, the video shows peoples' legs.

hole, RSA New Contemporaries

“Emma Reid is altogether more intimate, with tiny spy-holes in a box, which replay various things including the image of nearby feet. One of her spy-holes is also set, inconspicuously, into the floor of the next gallery.” Duncan MacMillan, The Scotsman, Arts review: RSA New Contemporaries, Edinburgh, April 18th 2013