Quietly Breathing Together, 2018

Video installation with seating for two.
Colour, no audio, 15 minutes.

The video uses a simple gesture of foam earplugs, which slowly expand and contract, looping to a gentle rhythm. Earplugs relate to the body and blocking out sound. The pace and rhythm references anxiety apps that encourage timed breathing exercises to help promote calmness – albeit these apps exist within the mobile phone, which itself facilitates being ‘always-on’.

A television is mounted half way up a wall with two stools in front of it. On the tv there are two small objects in close-up, they are mostly white with some bright colours swirling through them. The objects are foam earplugs.
Installation photo Quietly Breathing Together, 2018 presented in Encounter no. 1 a two-person show with Sogol Mabadi

Video stills:

Quietly Breathing Together was first exhibited in Encounter no. 1, 2018 a two-person exhibition developed with Sogol Mabadi for Intermedia, CCA and relocated to The Pipe Factory following CCA’s temporary closure after the 2018 fire in the Mackintosh building.
The work was shown for a second time in SKIN SOFT FLESH, Testing Grounds, Melbourne, 2019.