Predicting, 2016

Video projection with printed handout.
Colour, with sound, 2 min 53 secs.

Predicting is a video with sound, accompanied by a printed handout. The handout contains the referenced script.

The work juxtaposes videos and quotes about the use of Google Search with those about the fortune-telling practice of palmistry, something which is generally seen as implausible, in an attempt to provoke other ways of thinking about this seemingly routine contemporary encounter.

Video stills:

black and white archive film footage of two hands shaking. cuffs of men's clothing can be seen
black and white archive film footage, a hand enters from the right hand side of the frame.
black and white archive film footage of a hands holding a newspaper. a man's face can be seen from behind the paper. In front, text reads "how we understand ourselves, our world, and our place within it"
a black border around a pinky coloured rectangle. Text in front reads "traces of our intent"
view looking down onto a laptop screen. the reflection show hands on the keyboard
out of focus close up of part of a hand. black text over the image says: "past, for we know what ancestors of this type have always done"
tones of white skin and a white strip are the background of the image. Text in front reads: "looking at what we were looking for"
Link to video on vimeo
Predicting, 2016 (video file)

This work was produced for the ‘Archives and Historical Resources’ Postgraduate Elective short course at the Glasgow School of Art taught by Debi Banerjee.