pointing (postcards)

Exhibited in May Meet In Mutual, Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee, August 2014 with Sogol Mabadi and Craig Thomson
Curated by MMIM (Emma Reid & Katie Reid)
pointing (postcards)Site responsive multiples commissioned by MMIM FOR MAY MEET IN MUTUAL, 2014. Find out more about MMIM (Emma Reid & Katie Reid) here: maymeetinmutual.com
pointing (postcards), 2014
dimensions: 148mm x 210mm plus participant
materials: postcards
on-site sight finders
pointing (postcards) is one of four site-responsive installations made for May Meet In Mutual:
Responding almost as much to the notion of site-responsiveness as to the particular site of May Meet In Mutual, Emma Reid installed a number of installations, which centre on the gesture of pointing; a simple gesture of communication and negotiation that often has both intended and unintended audiences. Some of the work was developed during the Micro Residency, responding to the architecture of the glass-walled building as well as hoping to borrow playfulness from its proximity to the play park.
Simultaneously acting as invitations, provocations, and directions to the audience, the installations may be playful yet also hold a tension, which comes from the awareness of looking and of being seen. Like the glass walls of the Park Ranger Centre, which suggest openness and visibility, yet are obscured and fragmented by reflections and glares, we may look in, through, behind, and at our own reflections almost at once.

A stack of postcards rests on the floor and leans against a glass wall. The postcards are black and white and show an image of a hand reaching out and pointing.

A child holds a postcard close to his face and looks through the peephole.

pointing (postcards)

A postcard with the peephole is held up so that the peephole frames a small section of the surrounding park

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