Pointing, 2014

Exhibited in May Meet In Mutual, Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee, August 2014 with Sogol Mabadi and Craig Thomson
Curated by MMIM (Emma Reid & Katie Reid)

Pointing, postcard multiples with circular cut-outs.
On-site sight finders. Collected and distributed by visitors.

black and white postcard held in front of a white wall. the postcard has an image of a person's hand pointing. there is a circle cut out of the post card above where the image of the hand is pointing.
Pointing, 2014, being held by a participant
A stack of postcards rests on the floor and leans against a glass wall. The postcards are black and white and show an image of a hand reaching out and pointing.
Installation photo of Pointing, 2014 stacked in the exhibition space
A child holds a postcard close to his face and looks through the peephole.
Pointing, 2014, being held by a participant