MMIM (May Meet In Mutual) collaboration Emma Helen Reid and Katie Reid

MMIM (May Meet In Mutual) is a collaboration between Emma Helen Reid & Katie Reid. Our aim is to make projects that bring artists together to develop and share their ideas through research, practice, and dialogue. 

MMIM: Plus-One, 2016

A group of woman walk around a space with their hands in the air. They are smiling. They are following the suggestion of one of the group.

MMIM (Emma Reid and Katie Reid) organised MMIM: Plus-One, a three day residency on Friday 29, Saturday 30, and Sunday 31 July 2016. The residency was hosted by New Glasgow Society and sponsored by Cass Art.

An initial group of residents were asked to invite a ‘plus-one’ to participate in the residency in a move towards expanding the network of influences while remaining an interconnected unit.

This deliberately short residency acted as a stimulus. Residents worked through new ideas with an acutely aware audience (each other), and explored how this newly formed group, MMIM: Plus-One, could work collectively/collaboratively/in correlation, and progress toward future projects.

Annie CrabtreeNikki Kane, Emmie McKay, Hannah Moitt, Emma Helen ReidKatie Reid, Catherine Robb

Photos and videos taken by all residents can be seen here: Images

MMIM: May Meet in Mutual, 2014

A group of people are having a discussion alongside a projected video of another person. The conversation takes place within the 'May Meet In Mutual' exhibition.

May Meet In Mutual, 2014 included an exhibition, micro-residency, and conversation event in Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee. The exhibition included new site-responsive sculptural and performance work by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson responding to the situation of the Park Centre within Baxter Park. Common themes emerged through the artists’ work exploring boundaries, edges, and the in between and how these affect peoples’ interaction and relations.

The conversation event was facilitated by Beth Savage with invited speaker Annie Crabtree.

Following an open call, the six artists participating in the micro-residency were: Frances Davis, Pauline M. Hynd with Emil Max Thompson, David McLeish, Bobby Sayers, and Lada Wilson.

The project was supported by Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust and Ideas Tap: 23-30 Innovators Award. With thanks to Maryfield Regeneration, Team of Dundee City Council, Friends of Baxter Park.

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