I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger

I welcome this opportunity handcream and vinyl copy

I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger, 2018 (title of performance on gallery wall along with the hand cream used in the performances)

Collaborative performance by Sogol Mabadi and Emma Helen Reid.
Developed for their two-person show, ‘Encounter no. 1
Performance details:
For this closed event, two separate actions take place simultaneously and are repeated by participants. Six people will meet in the gallery out with exhibition opening times.
Emma will ask you to take a seat as she prepares to read the short story.
Sogol will wash her hands and invite you to mirror this task.
Emma will read the story aloud. When she reaches the end of the story she will pass the story on, inviting another participant to read it aloud.
Sogol will sit with another participant and massage their hands with hand cream.
These two actions will repeat until all participants have taken part in each.
The performance lasts approximately 35 minutes.


3 chairs and 2 stools sit in a cluster in the exhibition space. The chairs have basins of water, soap, and a towel beside them. The stool at the back has pages of printed text resting on it.

I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger, 2018 (performance set up within ‘Encounter no. 1’ exhibition)


An excerpt from the text read during the performance, written by Emma Helen Reid:

The camera is on so the screen shows what is beyond the lens. Sofia watches the world through the camera of her phone. Never recording, just seeing through the screen. She holds her vision in her hands and there is a fraction of delay on everything she sees. She is watching a section of denim stretched over her thigh. The crisp image of the diagonal weave follows the curve of her leg, emphasising her contours. Without warning, the image jumps and everything is a soft blur of colour instead. The lens is struggling to choose an auto focus point because a piece of thread is poking out through a seam. Sofia pulls at the thread and it doesn’t resist. It’s short, probably used to tack the pieces together. This little strand has been held in place throughout all the wearing and washing, she finds it strangely comforting.