Gallery wall - a silver tube of hand cream just fits on a small wooden shelf on the wall. Below the shelf, grey vinyl text reads "I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger" followed by the names of the two artists "Sogol Mabadi and Emma Helen Reid"I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger, 2018 (performance)
Collaboration with Sogol Mabadi for Encounter no. 1
More details here: I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger


Gallery space with white walls, white pillar, and wooden floorboards with hazard tape. Sogol Mabadi's pink textile work 'Bandoleers' hang high up from a rail on one wall. In the foreground, Sogol Mabadi's work 'Knitting Needles' rests on the floor this is made of white glue sticks held together by knitting needles. These are then stacked together. A TV is mounted on a wall in the background. The screen is white-blue with two small objects on it. There are two stools in front of the TV. The video is called 'Quietly Breathing Together' and was made by Emma Helen Reid.Encounter no. 1, The Pipe Factory, (selected for Intermedia, CCA), 2018 (exhibition and performance)
Collaborative project with Sogol Mabadi
More details here: Encounter no. 1: Sogol Mabadi and Emma Helen Reid


Gallery space with white walls and grey floor. At the back, there is a space which leads through to another, similar space. The left hand side has a wall-mounted TV in portrait. It's screen is blue-white. On the right hand side, towards a corner, a larger TV is sitting on the floor, facing upwards. The TV shows some black forms and grey matching the floor. The cable connecting to the power is visible coiling behind the TV.A Trace-Body, GSA Graduate Degree Show, 2017 (installation)
More details here: A trace-body


A large projection screen is positioned at the end of a white tiled basement corridor in Pollok House. Behind the screen some natural light is coming in from a window. On the screen the projection shows a section of the white tiles as they were illuminated by sunlight coming in from the window.Breathing, Traces Below Stairs, Pollok House, 2017 (video installation)
More details here: Breathing


Close up of two men shaking hands. They are wearing shirts and suit jackets. The image is black and white and grainy and the style of suits suggest that this is archive footage.Predicting, 2016 (video and handout)
More details here: Predicting


Close up - a woman's hands clasped together, some white substance (setting alginate) is slightly being forced out through a gap between her thumbs. Part of her NHS nurse uniform can be seen.Holding, NHS Forth Valley Royal Hospital, 2016 (participatory workshop and installation)
More details here: Holding


A projection on a wall shows part of a man's face and shoulder, the same man is standing nearby. Also on the wall, the red glow from sunset is projecting the shadow of the window frame onto the wall.Live-feed for Sunset, SWG3 Open Studios, 2016 (site specific video installation)
More details here: Live-feed for sunset


A view through a glass wall to a park. A man stands outside the glass wall, looking in. He is reading vinyl handwritten style text on the glass. From the inside, where the photo is taken from, it is more difficult to read but the text says: you're allowed to touch this bitEavesdropping, May Meet In Mutual, 2014 (vinyl installation)
More details here: Eavesdropping


A woman holds a postcard up in front of her. On the postcard is a black and white image of a finger pointing. There is a peephole cut through the postcard so she is lining it up with a view beyond.Pointing (postcards), May Meet In Mutual, 2014 (multiples)
More details here: Pointing (postcards)


A view of the floor where we see a woman's legs and feet. On the floor a projected video shows a woman's face, which is repeated smaller and smaller.
Spotlight, SAY Award Art Commission exhibition, Intermedia, CCA, 2013 (video installation)
More details here: SAY AWARD


A gallery space. Two white plinths are on the floor, a couple of metres apart. A man is looking into one of them, while a woman stands beside the second, she is pointing at the man.Eye, Face, Step, RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition, RSA, 2013 (video installation)
More details here: RSA New Contemporaries


A white walled gallery space with grey floors and two white plinths can be seen. One of the plinths is taller than usual. A woman, dressed in black, is leaning up and looking into this plinth. A cable can be seen running into the bottom of the plinth.GSA Degree Show, Mackintosh Building, 2012
More details here: Degree Show 2012


Nighttime. A city street with closed shops. One shop window has been turned into a projection screen. An abstract, pixelated image can be seen on the screen.Yawn, Picture Window, Glasgow, 2012 (video installation)
More details here: yawn