Encounter no. 1: Sogol Mabadi and Emma Helen Reid

The Pipe Factory, Ground Floor Gallery (relocated from Intermedia, CCA), July 2018
Encounter no. 1 is a joint endeavour by Sogol Mabadi and Emma Helen Reid.
Through sculpture, writing, performance, and video, Mabadi and Reid mobilise efforts to alert viewers and participants to the role of the body, including internal landscapes, in our digitised era. Their new works consider the implications that certain contemporary life conditions have on the experience of being in your body and on the ways you encounter another.
Throughout Encounter no. 1, the central components of privacy – solitude, intimacy, anonymity, and reserve – resonate. Care is important. By “resuscitating the corporeal” in our new media environment they explore ways of experiencing being-there and being-with.
This project included a series of performances of their collaborative work, I welcome this opportunity to get to know you, stranger. For more information, please see: emmahelenreid.com/i-welcome-this-opportunity-to-get-to-know-you-stranger/
A television is mounted half way up a wall with two stools in front of it. On the tv there are two small objects in close-up, they are mostly white with some bright colours swirling through them. The objects are foam earplugs.

‘Quietly Breathing Together’ 2018, video, two seats.


A neat stack of grey microfibre cloths is stacked on a shelf in a corner. The cloths are interfolded. A hand lifts one of the cloths from the top of the stack.

‘Screen Cloth Stack’ 2018, grey microfibre screen cloths, shelf [You are invited to take one from the top of the stack]


A grey sign with white lettering reads: Swaddle to Settle, You are invited to swaddle your phone during your visit. Please return the swaddle as you leave.

‘Swaddle to Settle’ 2018, sign, swaddle blankets, seat [You are invited to swaddle your phone during your visit.]


hands tie a knot in a swaddle blanket which is wrapped around a mobile phone

‘Swaddle to Settle’ 2018, example of visitor’s phone


A small shelf on a gallery wall has a stack of printed and folded paper leaflets on it

‘Side Effects’ 2018, printed and folded text, shelf. [You are invited to carefully take one.]