A trace-body

‘A trace-body’ is an installation in two parts. In the first room three screens play ‘Videos from a body’. On the floor of the second room are ‘Garments: gusset, waist, and ankle’.
A camera is connected to a body, capturing traces of its movement. A body acts as a lens, its rhythm embedded in the video.
Installed at the Graduate Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art, September 2017 on completing MLitt Fine Art Practice – Sculpture.
videos from a body

‘Videos from a body’
Video installation (colour, sound, looped), various durations: 45sec, 1min 58sec, and 7 sec.


Emma Helen Reid_detail a trace body 2017 cropped.jpg

‘Garments: gusset, waist, and ankle’
Installation, Lycra garments and mobile phone.



With thanks to Sun-ha Hong. See ‘Presence, or the sense of being-there and being-with in the new media society’ Online: http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/5932/4998