A trace-body

‘A trace-body’ is an installation in two parts. In the first room three screens play ‘Videos from a body’. On the floor of the second room are ‘Garments: gusset, waist, and ankle’.
A camera is connected to a body, capturing traces of its movement. A body acts as a lens, its rhythm embedded in the video.
Installed at the Graduate Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art, September 2017 on completing MLitt Fine Art Practice – Sculpture.
videos from a body

‘Videos from a body’
Video installation (colour, sound, looped), various durations: 45sec, 1min 58sec, and 7 sec.


A view close to the grey gallery floor. In the foreground a glittery purple lycra garment, sort of like hot pants, rests on the floor. In the background, out of focus, two smaller bundles of the same fabric are lying.


Video play symbol


Screen shot of documentation book which links to issuu

garments: waist, gusset, wrist, ankle

With thanks to Sun-ha Hong. See ‘Presence, or the sense of being-there and being-with in the new media society’ Online: http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/5932/4998